Nadeesha Cabral


Insulin vs. Carbohydrates

July 17, 2020

    • Insulin in the blood stream is caused by the quantity and the quality of the carbohydrates we eat.
    • Insulin determines how much fat we accumulate. Related: [[202007030910 Flow of Fat to the Cells]]
    • Therefore, carbohydrates determine how fat we get.


    • source: [[why-we-get-fat]]
    • related: [[nutrition]] [[tryglycerides]] [[insulin]]

    [202007030910 Flow of Fat to the Cells]: 202007030910 Flow of Fat to the Cells “Flow of Fat to the Cells” [why-we-get-fat]: /projects/books/why-we-get-fat “Why we get fat” [nutrition]: topics/nutrition “Nutrition” [tryglycerides]: topics/tryglycerides “Tryglycerides” [insulin]: insulin “Insulin” [//end]: # “Autogenerated link references”