Nadeesha Cabral


Amor Fati

July 13, 2020

    • What makes a human truly great is amor fati: The love of fate - Nietzsche
    • This is not a resignation to what happens to you, but rather a need to embrace it fully and to not want to change anything.
    • This is in direct opposition to his earlier writing that suggested a “Wille Zur Macht” (will to power”).
    • Nietzsche might have evolved his thinking to come to terms with the latter years of his life in poverty, and failed pursuits.

      • Especially given him shitting all over the stoics in his earlier writing.
    • Maybe “Amor Fati” is the armor you wear to the war you wage with “Wille Zur Macht”

      • Know when to hold ‘em, Know when to fold ‘em …