Nadeesha Cabral


A reliable system out of unreliable components

July 01, 2020

    • A reliable system can be often constructed out of unreliable components.
    • Ex: TCP built on IP

      • IP can drop packets
      • But TCP can retry, add back pressure ([[202006131313 TCP Backpressure]]), and ensure [[total order guarantees]]


    • related: [[system-design]]
    • source: [[designing-data-intensive-applications]]

    [202006131313 TCP Backpressure]: 202006131313 TCP Backpressure “Back-pressure with TCP” [system-design]: topics/system-design “System Design” [designing-data-intensive-applications]: /projects/books/designing-data-intensive-applications “Designing Data Intensive Applications” [//end]: # “Autogenerated link references”