#94 – Mark Hyman, M.D.: The impact of the food system on our health and the environment

  • Food is the biggest driver of chronic disease affecting six out of 10 people
  • Something like medicare for all would bankrupt the country, says Mark, “because everybody’s sick and it’s going to bankrupt the country unless we fix why they’re sick in the first place.”
  • Historically we ate ~800 different species of plants
    • We at almost 100 g of fiber per day
    • Now we average about 8 grams of fiber per day
  • Fighting bat gut
    • Remove: Gluten, Dairy, Grains
    • Replace food with: Fiber, Prebiotics, artichokes
    • Repair: Vitamin A, Fish oil, Food with polyphenols (artichokes, berries, olives, wine, tea)
      • Be mindful of: Sleep, The way you approach and eat food, Your emotions, Exercise, and Stress ⇒ These can all affect the GI tract
  • When soil is alive, meaning it has living organic matter (including carbon) in it… It can hold three times the amount of carbon that’s in the atmosphere today (It can hold 3 trillion tons of carbon)