Jeff Hunter: Embracing Confusion

  • We walk around and we have these sort of unchallenged beliefs about ourselves. A, that we’re perceiving reality accurately; B, that our perception is not only accurate but valid; C, that if it’s obvious to us, it must be obvious to others.
  • If you care about learning and unleashing potential, is you want to get confused. Confusion is indicative of the fact that you are having an experience that’s different than what you expected, and that confusion is necessary to start to make sense of the world, yourself, and the connection between the two. We think confusion is both the thing that can kill you and a thing that can actually propel you to greatness.
  • When things go wrong, you should embrace the model. It’s not telling you how bad things are going, or how bad other people are; it’s telling you about the insufficiency of your model, of your applied beliefs.