Diet Doctor podcast #42 — Bret Scher, MD — Diet Doctor

  • There are four types of fasting:
    • Intermittent fasting
    • Time restricted eating
    • Fasting mimicking diet
    • Chronic caloric restriction
  • Fasting mimicking diet is when you’re still consuming calories throughout the entire day, but it’s in a way that’s meant to mimic the physiology of fasting.
  • Pretty much regardless of the life form, from yeast and bacteria all the way up to primates, chronic caloric restriction improves health span. The organisms are healthier longer in their life. They don’t get diseases as earlier. And for most of them it actually shows a longevity benefit, they actually live longer as well.
  • Chronic caloric restriction lowers your BMR, and you lose muscle mass. Burning fewer calories at rest, that’s your survival mode. But studies show that for the first 2-3 days, the BMR actually goes up as the body tries to generate energy to find new sources of food.
  • IGF-1: Growth hormone, associated with an increased risk of cancer. MTOR similar to IGF-1. We want to selectively regulate, because mTOR is necessary for growth, for muscle growth.